2017 Year in Review

2017 Year in Review

What a wonderful year Pottstown Community Arts had! Thank you to every person and every organization who supported us. Together, we created new art opportunities, encouraged both young and old to make art and then displayed it in public places, recycled materials that were slated for the trash heap, supported local events, and beautified our town of Pottstown.

Pottstown Community Arts completed 16 community art projects and started 1 monumental project. We reached more local kids and residents than ever before.

In no particular order, following are the 16 community art projects brought to you by Pottstown Community Arts:

  1. Summer Art on the King Street Bridge 
  2. Hubcap Flowers at the Rotary Pavilion 
  3. Participate in the local Arts Walk (Winter, Spring and Fall)
  4. Bottle Cap mural of the Fountain of Youth Splash Park with ACLAMO’s summer camp 
  5. Bottle Cap mural of a map featuring the continental USA which is on permanent display at the Coventry Mall
  6. Pet portraits, rock painting, and wind chimes at the 1st annual Go Fourth event
  7. Rock painting and pet toy creations at the Pet Fair 
  8. Monthly Community Arts class at the Pottstown Regional Public Library
  9. 4th Annual Haunts on High with Halloween artwork painted on welcome mats 
  10. Earth Day clean up at the corner of King and Manatawny streets
  11. Dream Rocket participation
  12. Rock painting at the aforementioned events, Pottstown Manor Care and the Pottstown Library 
  13. Painted old tires at the Month of the Young Child event
  14. Designed both a logo and a yard sign for Pottstown Community Action
  15. 1st Annual Sidewalk Chalk Festival at the Pottstown FARM’s Family Day 
  16. Painted a temporary mural of the Phillies Firehouse and last year’s Pop Up Art Rainbow Tree at the Coventry Mall 

Monumental project:

  1. Started painting 1 of 6 murals for the Pottstown Regional Public Library at the Coventry Mall

Thank YOU again.

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