Yard Art at the Rotary Pavilion

Yard Art at the Rotary Pavilion

On Saturday May 20th, Pottstown Community Arts joined several members of the Pottstown Rotary Club in sprucing up the Rotary pavilion at the Riverfront Park.

We pulled weeds together and spread a small hill of mulch around the pavilion. Small children took rides in the empty wheelbarrows as they made their way back to the mulch pile.

Then, the fun began. Six hubcap flowers, which had been created at the Pottstown Regional Public Library during the monthly Art Club that we host, were hung on the pavilion columns.

Once again, we used zip ties and duct tape to hang everything from wooden poles to plastic hubcaps. They remain our go-to tools for hanging public art.

Painted rocks were laid in a circle around a tree.

Three more flowers were laid in the mulch near the tree now encircled by rocks.

When it was all said and done, it looked suitably spruced with art sprouting up everywhere. Why the Rotary Pavilion has never looked so colorful!

We would like to thank the Pottstown Rotary Club for welcoming us and our community-made yard art.

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