Pottstown Community Arts, a committee of MOSAIC Community Land Trust


Current Projects

6 Murals for the Pottstown Regional Public Library 


King Street Bridge Project 2019

The King Street bridge will be dressed up for Spring 2018.

Participating organizations:

Homeschool Happenings of Montgomery County
Pottstown Regional Public Library
Rupert Elementary School
Lincoln Elementary School
Barth Elementary School
Franklin Elementary School

Upcoming Events

  1. Participant of the EcoFest on Sat, April 27th, 12-5
  2. Participant of the Band Against Bullying event on Sun, April 28th, 11-4
  3. Clean up the Rotary Pavilion and decorate it with hubcap flowers in May
  4. Olivet Boys & Girls summer program
  5. ACLAMO summer program
  6. Sidewalk Chalk Festival on August 22nd
  7. Participant of the annual Pet Fair on Sat, September 7th, 11-2
  8. Haunts on High in October