Bottle Cap Mural with ACLAMO

Bottle Cap Mural with ACLAMO

Pottstown Community Arts is excited to create a bottle cap mural with ACLAMO Family Center’s summer program.

“ACLAMO Family Centers provides improved access to economic, educational, health, social, and cultural opportunities to low-income individuals and families in Montgomery County, especially those of Spanish-speaking heritage.” [Facebook page]

Today, our artists drew the outline for the whopping 8 foot by 4 foot mural.

Local residents will instantly recognize the drawing. It features the local Fountain of Youth Spray Park.

The 30 students attending the ACLAMO Summer Program will complete the rest of the mural: from painting the drawing to gluing the hundreds of bottle caps on.

During the final day of their summer program, the mural will be revealed to the students in its permanent home: on the wall of the main room inside the ACLAMO building.


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