2nd Annual Sidewalk Chalk Festival

2nd Annual Sidewalk Chalk Festival

It was a great day for coloring the town’s sidewalk in bright colors. The weather was perfect, warm and sunny. The sun had moved across the sky, leaving the sidewalks in shade. The work day was over; it was time for fun.

Like last year, we collaborated with Pottstown’s FARM, hosting our event at the same time as their Family Fun Day. In addition to our sidewalk chalk, there was a balloon artist, games for the kids to play, and an outdoor farmer’s market.

The Pottstown Regional Public Library, the Pottstown Discovery Community Center, and our sponsor, Rite Aid joined us for the festival. At the Library’s table, there was spray chalk bottles to paint with and ribbons to twirl. At the Discovery’s table, there were thousands of water beads to hold, to pour into containers and to pick up one by one.

Rite Aid had donated over 100 pieces of chalk to our festival and stood as a gate-keeper, blocking care-free kids from heading further down the sidewalks.

Our featured artist, Kairavi Kulkarni, created a stunning circular message of love and strength.

It said “I am love, bold, beautiful, kind, respectful, grateful, mindful, brave, happy, blessed, sunshine, bliss, & bountiful.” 

A few participants created additional inspiring messages.

There were rainbows, hearts, animals, raceways, planets, cars, flowers, stars, and so much more.

Not only was their a growing amount of artwork on the sidewalks, but we hung artwork on a nearby window, featuring just the latest batch that we made with kids at the Pottstown Library earlier this month. 

Thank you to everyone who came out. We can’t wait to host this festival again next year!