Partnering with the FARM in 2022

Partnering with the FARM in 2022

In January 2022, Pottstown Community Arts was invited to bring an art project to the annual, outdoor Pottstown FARM. We could pick 1-2 dates to attend throughout their season, which runs from Spring to Fall. We chose 6 dates!
Once a month, we brought an art project to the FARM and had a blast with the kids who attended the FARM with their grown-ups.
As we approach the 2023 season, look back with us and smile at the fun art we encouraged all to make last year.


Kids could choose from decorated mason jars, colorful flower pots, or clear cups. They decorated their choice with stickers and Sharpie pens. Then, they each placed a soil pellet into their decorated jar or cup and poured warm water of it, watching the soil expand as it absorbed the water. Lastly, they chose which seed they wanted to plant and pressed it into the soil.


We created sparkly yard art in honor of Independence Day!

Volunteer Katie Morton hot glued 400 popsicle sticks together to make 100 wooden stars. Each star was then hot glued to a wooden stake. She called the process therapeutic.

Kids had so much fun decorating these simple stars. They were able to pick their favorite colors, mix the colors if desired, and paint 1 side of their star. While the paint was still wet, glitter was added to most stars to make them sparkle. Rare was the child who didn’t add glitter. Then, they flipped the star and repeated the process.

Wet paint and glitter can create a bit of a sticky situation when meandering among tables and people at the FARM,  which is why our art table had a line of completed stars next to it, drying in the sun.

Despite the mess, this project was so much fun! Here’s the picture proof.

Even a beautiful June bug loved our artwork.


Pottstown FARM showcased a local bee keeper in August. We coordinated our monthly art project with the guests of honor: the bees!

Krysta Bernhardt, a local artist and member of Pottstown Community Arts, donated Bee artwork from her B page in her Un-pre-dict-a-ble ACB coloring book. Some kids chose to use her Bee artwork to create Bee Kind cards.

A few kids opted to make their own unique cards.

All kids were encouraged to give their cards to someone in their community.


Once again, we coordinated our craft with the guests of honor: butterflies.

While monarch butterflies were being tagged and released, we made butterfly necklaces out of felt, pipe cleaners, fabric markers, sequins, buttons, thread, and, of course, glue.

Here Ms. B, Pottstown Community Arts’ Artist-in-Residence, models a butterfly necklace.

Next, kids tried their hands at it. They  proudly wore their artwork around the FARM.

My biggest fans, Azul & Maisie, 2 kids who hang out at the FARM all day with their moms who each run a table, made more than one butterfly.

I always try to bring extra supplies for those kids who follow the beat of their own drum and can’t help but make something unique.


We love Halloween! We host the annual Haunts on High every year. We even created our first Halloween float last year, complete with a giant octopus. So it should come as no surprise that throughout the month of October, we make as much Halloween-themed and/or Fall-themed artwork as possible. Our visit to the FARM was no exception.

Armed with blank yard flags, pumpkin templates, and acrylic paint, we encouraged each kid to make their own Fall/Halloween garden flag. Naturally, each child put their own twist on it, making the flag wholly theirs.

Kids always inspire me with their creativity. I love seeing what they come up with!


For 3 years in a row, Pottstown Community Arts has decorated 2 trees in the annual Planter Decorating Contest hosted by PAED. At least one tree has always included community-made ornaments. Last year, both trees sported community-made ornaments. Several of the ornaments were made at the FARM during November’s Small Biz Saturday.

We brought simple cardboard cut-out shapes and yarn of all different colors.

Elves visiting from the North Pole helped children fill out letters to Santa, helped children make 2 ornaments each (one to take home and one to hang on the Christmas Around the World tree), and even made several ornaments themselves to decorate the Christmas Around the World tree. It was a joy to spend the afternoon with them!

Look for us at the Pottstown FARM this year on the following dates:

  • May 27th: Make a teacher’s appreciation gift for your favorite teacher  
  • June 24th: Make a flag wand for the upcoming July 4th parade 
  • July 8th: Spread kindness by painting and hiding rocks 
  • Aug 5th: Help us decorate the Smith Family Plaza with sidewalk chalk  
  • Sept 16th: Create wind chimes from recycled objects 
  • Oct 14th: Make Halloween (or Fall) art  
  • Nov 25th, Small Biz Saturday: Paint ornaments for your home and for the community  

**Dates are subject to change as the FARM finalizes its 2023 schedule**.